Virtual Reality Simulator


Enjoy the amazing 9D Virtual Reality Egg Simulator and enjoy the fun and immersive world of Virtual Reality. Literally be transported to a another time and place!

The Kids Fun Factory’s cutting edge ride supports Advanced technology using VR Headsets with 180-360 degree head tracking as well as High resolution graphics for movies, rides, and interactive games!

The Egg simulator operates on a unique moving platform, with inbuilt surround sound, giving you a heightened experience, unlike anything else you will find! Experience adrenaline filled car racing, extreme sports, loop upside down on a roller coaster, or see if you can last the adrenaline of the Topple Tower Gyro Swing. Whatever your preference, enjoy the heightened realism of the 9DVR egg Ride Experience today! 

Safety Rules and Requirements

Prior to riding the 9DVR Egg Device, you MUST carefully read the safety terms below. These are in place to protect, You, the public, prevent risk of personal injury, discomfort or property damage while using the 9DVR Egg device. 

The 9DVR device should not be used by children under the age of 8. Adults should monitor children (age 8 and older) who are using or have used the 9DVR device for any of the symptoms described below.

We exercise certain age considerations when using the 9DVR device & associated experiences. 

We recommend consulting a physician before using the 9DVR egg device, if you are: pregnant, elderly, have a sensory and/ or a specific psychiatric disorder(s), pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or suffer from a heart condition (including a pacemaker) or other serious medical condition e.g. epilepsy.

Do not use the 9DVR Egg device when you are: tired; under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are hung-over, have digestive problems, are under emotional stress or anxiety, or when suffering from cold, flu, headaches, migraines, or earaches, as this can increase your susceptibility to adverse symptoms.

Immediately discontinue use if you incur any of the following symptoms: seizures, loss of awareness, eye strain, eye or muscle twitching, involuntary movements, altered, blurred, or double vision or other visual abnormalities, dizziness, disorientation, impaired balance, impaired hand-eye coordination, excessive sweating, increased salivation, nausea, light-headedness, discomfort or pain in the head or eyes, drowsiness, or symptoms similar to motion sickness.