Welcome to The Kids Fun Factory, the ultimate indoor playgrounds for children of all ages !


Let your little ones run wild and discover the magic that can be found around every corner.

All our indoor playcentres have a multi-tiered climbing frame to explore with slides, tunnels and ball pit. Plus there are ball guns, zero gravity machine, ball fountain soft play areas for babies and toddlers, and much more !

Adults can join in the fun or relax with a coffee and and enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

Drop-in service available for parents with children 6 years old and up, who need a couple hours to do chores, take care of business, shop, go to medical appointments, etc.

The first in Nova Scotia and only at The Kids Fun Factory ! Enjoy amazing 9D Virtual Reality Egg Simulator and enjoy the fun and immersive world of Virtual Reality.

All the fun without the hassle! We have everything you need for a really great birthday party without all the fuss – just leave it to us. Our helpful friendly staff will help you create a really wonderful party for your child.

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